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Aug / Sep 2011
Game Changers

Writer: Kevin Hackett

Kevin Hackett takes a look at some of today's cars that are shaping our tomorrow.

Strangely enough, both the bicycle and the internal combustion automobile were invented in 1885. Unlike the bicycle however, which has hardly changed since then, the motorcar has constantly been evolving and progressing. As such, Bespoke casts its scrutinising eye at the current crop of car models that are making and shaping our today, and our tomorrow.

1. Lamborghini Aventador
Replacing the Murcielago was never going to be an easy task but Lamborghini’s new flagship has exceeded expectations with its jaw-dropping style, its outstanding level of performance and its complex carbon fibre construction. Featuring a carbon tub – just like Formula One race cars – it’s incredibly strong, light and safe which, with 700bhp being generated by its V12 engine, is a bit of a bonus .True, any Lamborghini is a talking point, an instant classic. But this entirely new, outrageous supercar has, quite simply, rewritten the rulebook.

2. Ferrari FF
Proving that car manufacturers are getting exceedingly good at keeping new cars a secret, nobody expected the FF when it was unveiled earlier this year. Sure, we’ve had four-seat Ferraris in the past but what the FF (which stands for Ferrari Four) does, is take the brand into previously uncharted territory. A quite stunning four-wheel drive transmission allows it to drive like a Ferrari should, with the added security of the system diverting power to the front wheels if it senses you’ve overcooked things. Which is easy to do in this huge, divisive-looking GT car. Definitely the most important Ferrari for decades.

3. Fisker Karma
In the push for environmentally friendly motoring, one drawback with electric cars has been a huge stumbling block: they’re just not sexy. Enter the Karma: brainchild of former Aston Martin design boss, Danish supremo Henrik Fisker. With drop-dead gorgeous looks, four-door practicality and eco-aware hybrid tech, it’s the world’s first premium green luxury car – even the wood trim pieces for the cabin have been crafted from storm-damaged trees or pieces found on a wreck at the bottom of Lake Michigan. It also has a solar panel glass roof to help extend its range. So don’t expect a convertible.

4. Jaguar C-X75
Continuing the enviro-theme, Jaguar caused a storm in late 2010 with the C-X75. Designed to celebrate 75 years of Jaguar innovation, the C-X75 concept combined impossible beauty with a powertrain straight out of Dan Dare. It had two gas-turbine engines backed up by four electric motors – enough to produce 780bhp and power it on to over 200mph (320km/h). The icing on the cake with this tech is a combined CO2 output of just 28g/km. An impossible dream? No. Jaguar has just announced this car will enter limited production, albeit with hybrid, rather than rocket-powered, technology.

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