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Back on Track
Remember the Aston Lagonda from over a decade ago? Well, the distinctively wedge-shaped saloon is making a comeback and it’s looking better than ever. What’s more, it’s being made specially for us.
It’s a Wild Thing
Almost everyone dreams of an African safari but it’s hard deciding where to go with a vast continent of options. There are the classics in the East, namely Kenya and Tanzania. There’s also the now hipper-than-thou Botswana. But if you’re looking for superlatives then head to South Africa and specifically, the Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge.
Master of R&R
The hotels Jean-Michel Gathy designs for the likes of Aman, One&Only and Cheval Blanc are off the decadence Richter scale. It’s therefore about time we meet the man who pioneered the private plunge pool, ‘naughty bathrooms’ and basking nets.
Shining Star
Yasmine Hamdan isn’t just another rebellious Arab pop star. More of an experimental rocker, her progressive, contemporary take on Arabic music includes creative, lyrical renditions of Arab classics laced with punk rock references and electronica.
All in One
CEO of a leading luxury retail company, founder of the Baraboux bags and active in women’s initiatives, HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud is very much a woman on the go, which is why she decided the accessories in her life had to be in perfect order.
An i to the Future
Low, wide, compact and with dramatic scissor doors and a revolutionary new approach to responsible consumption, the BMW i8 may just be the world’s most unconventional sportscar.
Three’s Company
The company may have one name but the business is very much comprised of three. For Azza Fahmy, having her two daughters, or rather entire family, work alongside her is testimony to the saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Shifting Sands
With several homes already built in California’s Yucca Valley, LA-based architects Monica Oller and Tom Pejic seek to reawaken a love of ‘earthy modernism’ by uniting the clean, direct sensibilities of current architectural trends with the austere brilliance of the Mojave Desert.
Hidden Depths
Ethereal women dominate Hayv Kahraman’s paintings. With a style that reveals Persian, Japanese and Italian influences, the 33-year-old Iraqi artist creates works that are as beautiful as they are unsettling.
French Connection
Shopping in Milan usually means a stay at the Four Seasons, Bvlgari or Armani. Now, there’s another option. The Palazzo Parigi may not have a familiar name but it brings international flavour to a fine local product.
Sea of Serenity
Nestled in the gently undulating hills overlooking the dramatic coastline of Vinh Hy, the new Amano’i is not just a secluded getaway, it’s another compelling reason why you should visit Vietnam.
Outside In
He may eschew 3D renderings for models but Paul Kaloustian’s work is decidedly contemporary and offers a fresh take on the region’s vernacular architecture.
Bull Dozed
The Dolomites may be the last place you’d imagine driving a Lamborghini Aventador but the thrill of throwing a six-figure supercar against forbidding terrain and snowy courses underscores the real-world usability of this rarefied exotic.
Rare Find
Looking to buy a home in Geneva? You won't find much better than this beautifully-decorated, three storey art-filled home smack in the heart of town. It's on the market now.
Bespoke has gone digital
Ferrari opens a novel boutique showroom concept in Beirut.
The Swiss family-owned luxury watch and jewellery firm ventures into the hotel industry.
Versace agrees to sell a 20 percent stake to NY-based Blackstone Group.
Mall of the Emirates unveils a new Fashion District within a larger renovation project.
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