Sails Pitch
In a world in which birds of a feather flock together, the Alila Purnama offers the chance for five couples to cruise Indonesian islands onboard a purpose-built floating boutique hotel that’s operated by a luxury resort chain.
Alternative Power
They may be impatient and love selfies but Millennials are also the first generation in history to be worse off than their parents. Here are some exceptions to that rule.
24 Hours in Marrakech
Steeped in Moroccan history and culture, Marrakech is a city that also embraces modernity and creativity. CNN International’s James Williams, host of travel series ‘In 24 Hours’, takes us on a whirlwind tour.
A Model Chef
Chef Isaac Carew is handsome, easy-going and confident. Perhaps that’s why audiences are devouring everything he’s serving up.
Under the Canvas
Koa Convas is not like your other residential projects in Dubai. With 43 different floor plans for the 70 apartments, it heralds a new approach to community building, one in which individuality and identity are front and centre.
Taking Shape
Mercedes-Benz, the world’s new number one luxury car brand, rarely grants access to its secretive design studio but fortunately there’s an exception to every rule.
Fit for a King
Interior Designer Francis Sultana creates sumptuous homes and tailored furniture for modern-day gentry.
Hot Wings
In this instance, Happy Design Studios were inspired by the tableware found inside an aircraft and painted the exterior to follow suit. Extracting the image into five lines of colour, a series of 150 vertical stripes were painted over the entire aircraft body, gradually merging from white to fully blocked out.
Watch this Space
With privateers now venturing to space and NASA discovering seven new possibly habitable Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star, it’s the perfect time to sift through Taschen’s exhaustive ‘Moonfire’ book and reflect on the giant leap for mankind the Apollo 11 astronauts took, almost 50 years ago.
The Italian Job
With a new presence in Dubai servicing the region and its first large-sale interior design project underway in the Emirate, Pininfarina is extending its legacy of Italian design across the GCC.
Bespoke has gone digital
Andrew Maag leaves Burberry to take on the luxury goods company.
Tom Ford International has announced a partnership with the makers of Shinola.
A seasonal, Havana-inspired boutique opens at the French Alps ski resort.
Following this year's Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra, the jeweller launches new designs.
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