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Art Attack
Known simply as Room, Sir Antony Gormley’s monumental sculpture is both an interactive artwork and a luxury suite at London’s new Beaumont hotel. It’s a daring undertaking both for the artist, who has never created an enclosed, functional composition with a real living space inside, and the hotel, which is owned by the restaurateurs and first time hoteliers, Corbin & King.
Accounting for Taste
One of the big stories of China may be how international luxury brands are successfully luring China’s new rich to spend on their status symbols but we’re far more interested in another scoop, namely how Hermès has thrown its weight behind Jiang Qiong’Er as she pioneers an original Chinese brand, Shang Xia, based on restraint, style and old-fashioned craftsmanship.
Radical Stance
Even though medical research suggests it might have adverse health effects, almost all of man’s current surroundings have been designed for sitting. That’s exactly why the experimental studio RAAAF got together with visual artist, Barbara Visser, and devised an edgy work landscape that does away with the traditional desk and chair.
Familiar Waters
Chances are you’ve heard of Sunseeker, a company that did much to help advance the modern luxury motoryacht. But having focussed on building ever bigger models and then being acquired by China’s richest man, this English manufacturer is now going back to its roots.
A Change of Pace
McLaren’s 12C made its debut only three years ago but it has already been re-engineered with more than a dash of attitude. Better in many ways – lighter, faster, more responsive and more charismatic – the new McLaren 650S is familiar yet also very different.
The Sunshine State
Tucked away in the cluster of islands known as the Florida Keys, the Moorings is an off-the-grid barefoot retreat developed on a former coconut plantation. It may be more of an old-world charmer than cutting-edge spectacle but that’s the whole point.
25th Anniversary SIHH Special
Here's all you need to know about the 25th edition of the invitation-only SIHH watch fair including news from Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Montblanc, Richard Mille, Jaeger Le-Coultre, IWC, Piaget, Panerai and much, more more.
Back to the Future
Originally known for its bespoke suits in the 1950s, it moved to prêt-à-porter in the 1960s and now, Façonnable is witnessing yet another shift in visual identity, one that is as much about the future as it is a nod to the past.
Capturing our Imagination
The award-winning South African design firm, SAOTA, has done their fair share of residential projects that will blow your mind and it tuns out their innovative, contemporary approach is based on an understanding of an ever-evolving industry.
Wood Works
Martino Gamper went from being a carpenter’s apprentice to developing his own distinct voice in contemporary design. Today, with several awards under his belt, he is collaborating with Prada on a special project that breaks the mould in retail design.
Making History
George Gershwin may have written ‘An American in Paris’ in this hotel in 1928 but fast-forward to today and you’ll find the new Peninsula Paris sings a very different tune – one that will resonate greatly with the world’s most discerning travellers.
Rub of the Green
Commissioned by the Mayor of Riyadh and funded by contributions from the city’s businesses and individuals, the King Abdullah International Gardens will be an incredibly high-tech, specialised and sustainable botanical sanctuary once it has been built.
Shining Star
Yasmine Hamdan isn’t just another rebellious Arab pop star. More of an experimental rocker, her progressive, contemporary take on Arabic music includes creative, lyrical renditions of Arab classics laced with punk rock references and electronica.
Rare Find
Looking to buy a home in Geneva? You won't find much better than this beautifully-decorated, three storey art-filled home smack in the heart of town. It's on the market now.
Edmiston Bespoke
An original four-day exhibition in Lebanon just ended and it was entirely devoted to men.
Founded in 1975, Tumi is celebrating 40 years with a new leather collection of bags
There's a new art fair coming to Dubai with a fresh and accessible approach to culture.
BeitMisk in Lebanon has its environmental credentials validated by BREEAM.
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