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Jun / Jul 2014
Keeping it in the Family


Originally founded in 1972 as a local tie factory, Stefano Ricci has grown to become a fully-fledged menswear brand with opulent boutiques all over the world. Now under the direction of Ricci’s sons Filippo (left) and Niccolo (right), they take us on an exclusive tour of their Florentine headquarters.


Filippo  and Niccolo are keen to point out that theirs is still very much a family business - Stefano may still be the head of the business, designing each and every collection by hand but their mother manages the production, Niccolo the finances and Filippo is the creative director.


The first Stefano Ricci shirt collection was launched in 1980 but clothing such as jackets and suits were not added until 1997. The brand is now expanding into a full-spectrum lifestyle brand, offering homeware, furnishings and even a yacht division in partnership with the Italian shipyard Benetti.


The Stefano Ricci brand is a natural fit for those who gravitate toward a certain level of opulence, as the supple crocodile loafers, extravagantly collared silk shirts, diamond-encrusted ties and solid gold eagle-head belt buckles attest.


Ricci Senior designs up to 90 new silk patterns for shirts, jackets and ties for every collection, in up to 16 colour combinations, all made and printed by hand in the same small factory.

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