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Article Image - The Orientalist Century
Once a source of mystical fascination to European and American artists, the Middle East is currently portrayed in a very different light. But as author and expert Kristian Davies argues, some Orientalist painters, aside from creating exceptional work, continue to bridge the gap of understanding between two different worlds.
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Since Christie’s opened a regional hub in Dubai over a decade ago, their combination of semi-annual auctions of regional art and the creation of a window through which Arab clients transact in international sales has helped the Middle East account for eight per cent of the company’s global turnover.
The once perilously fast Mille Miglia road race may have turned into a bit of beauty parade but it’s still a one-of-a-kind occasion that’ll get enthusiasts’ adrenaline pumping.
With more participants than ever before, Design Days Dubai, the region’s first fair dedicated to collectible and limited-edition furniture and design objects, is garnering ever more interest.
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